Belvedere Academy was transformed into a film set as a team of industry professionals captured on film, life as a Belvedere sixth former.  Hair, Make-up and uniforms looked pristine as the film crew roamed the corridors and common rooms in search of that essential Belvedere spark.  And sparkle it did; Interviews with the Principle, Head of Sixth Form and students were seamlessly linked by talented students trampolining, conducting dance lessons and leading school council meetings.  The film crew were taken on a whirl-wind tour of the Academy and, inspired by the variety of activities available, sort to capture as many as possible on camera.  From dissecting a sheep lung in the science lab to LeCoq inspired mask work in the Drama Studio; from coffee breaks in the bustling common room to debates on the Greek Financial Crisis in Economics, the buzz around school was electric.  The camera man was delighted with the unexpected Indian summer with temperatures reaching 29 degrees, commenting that the school looked like it belonged in LA.

The film crew were assisted by two Year 10 Media Students, Rhiannon Ireland and Hannah Melia and an A Level Media student Katie, all chosen because of their desire to work within the Media industry.

As we anticipate the arrival of the promotional film a thought must be spared for the editors whose job it is now to manage the 180 minutes of film and reduce it to a mere 3! It was a fabulous experience and the Academy shone but the real stars of the show were the girls themselves, a credit to us and the Academy.