On the 4th October, I took part in a sponsored Skydive (with the Red Devils!) in order to raise money for a charity very close to my heart.  The charity is, Myasthenia Gravis (MG) which is a neuromuscular condition, for which there is no cure.  The condition causes muscle weakness of the limbs and inability to chew, drink, swallow, smile and at times even breathing can be extremely difficult.  My sister, Rachael was diagnosed with this illness when she was 17 and continues to take lots of medication to stabilise her condition.  This is a small charity that is in much need of money for research in order to find a cure.
Although the reason for the Skydive was to raise as much money as possible, I personally found the jump an experience of a lifetime.  The height in which I jumped from the aircraft was roughly around 15,000 ft; which as you can imagine was quite scary for me, however it was an amazing adrenaline rush that I will never forget.  The freefall lasted around 50 seconds, followed by a peaceful 8 minute parachute glide and ending in a very smooth landing.  Furthermore, to date I have raised £1,115 from the Skydive alone and I am still currently collecting any donations offered.  Previously, I have assisted my family in raising over £20,000 for MG in other events.
Anybody still wishing to donate can do so via, www.justgiving.com/Emily-Rankin

Emily Rankin 12G