The Sixth Form Curriculum


The Belvedere Academy Sixth Form offers a wide range of Level 3 and some Level 2 courses as well as the chance to adapt to new and demanding studies in a friendly and supportive setting. In addition, there are numerous extension and enrichment activities available to the girls including trips and visits overseas for further study or recreation.


There is an open choice of subjects at Sixth Form, and many students cross the arts/science divide.


In Year 12, most students typically choose to study 3 A-Levels from a wide range of subjects. Students of exceptional ability may choose to study four A-Levels.


In Year 13, students will continue studying at least 3 A-Levels. The option to study the Extended Project Qualification is available for those candidates who are most suited to independent study.


Remember that the quality of grades is often more important than the number of subjects taken. Our success rate in A-Level examinations speaks for itself and last year most of our Year 13 students went to their first choice of university.



Getting the best advice


Only you can decide which of the Sixth Form subjects listed below, are the right subjects for you, but do discuss your options with staff, family and friends. More importantly, ask subject teachers whether they feel that you have the potential to succeed at A-Level in their particular subject. A positive response from staff does not mean that you must choose that subject, only that it can be considered as a possible option.


It is important that you think carefully about the subjects you wish to study and to understand that the decisions you make now may affect your chance of being accepted onto a university course or a future career.  Before making your choices, please use the following websites for guidance from the University of Cambridge and the Russell Group Universities as to which subjects are preferred for different degree courses and professions.